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Black Academics For The Future | Images
                  the Key to Prosperity." 
                  When are, we, as a people, going to start working with our youth to
                  eliminate the lies that are fed to them by the media that prevent them from achieving to thier fullest potential?  When are
                  we, going to stand up and fight the idea, pervasive in our youth, that if you are excelling in school, in advanced classes
                  and dominating (academically) you classmates, you are “acting white”.  This idea is absurd!  Throughout history,
                  we have pushed education when it was forbidden upon pain of death!  Even during Jim Crow, we created over 150 colleges to
                  serves our children when the mainstream ones refused to let us in.  When mainstream businesses refused our money, we became
                  entrepreneurs and set up thriving districts such as Little Hayti in Durham, North Carolina and Black Wall Street in Tulsa,
                  Oklahoma.  This all happened, because we educated ourselves, either formally or informally!! 
                  Now, after our people fought to open doors to the mainstream of American
                  intellectual life, a thief come in the night to steal the victory and perseverance from our kids; the idea that academic excellence
                  is “acting white”, our  ridicule of our brothers and sisters who strive for educational and professional excellence.
                  As they go forward in their academic accomplishments, we have Black idiots taunting them with the label “acting white.”
                  Do not confuse professionalism or academic excellence with “acting white.”  One has nothing in the world to do
                  with the other.  In fact, those Black folks who do not encourage nor support their fellow Black students or Black businesses
                  are actually the ones “acting white.”  They also act white when they do not sound their objections or defend against
                  other races that denigrate their Black brothers and sisters, or when they mistreat their own Black people with the same lies,
                  injustice and incorrectness as white supremacist do.  Those who are accusing other of “Acting white,” are simply
                  being niggerish, or, put a better way “stupid”, themselves!
                  I issue a challenge to everyone!  Check you state’s, your individual
                  district’s, your child’s school’s status on proficiency tests.  You will see an great gap in the performance
                  of black and white students.  Check the ACT, SAT, AP, and other tests.  With affirmative action about to go off into history
                  and the standards rising, we must reaffirm our intellectual tradition.  Start reading (newspaper, books, magazines, etc.,
                  use the public library, etc.).  As a special treat, give your kids gifts certificates for bookstores.  Take your children
                  to museums, galleries, parks, etc.  We must challenge the idea promulgated through BET and throughout history that all we
                  do is play sports and rap!!
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